Breastfeeding Committee for Saskatchewan

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  • The Committee will consist of a minimum of one representative from each Regional Health Authority in Saskatchewan and additional representatives from CPNP, LaLeche League, First Nations communities, CNE, Kids First and consumer representatives.
  • The Committee will maintain multi-disciplinary representation.
  • The executive of the Committee will have 2 co-chairs, 1 past chair, 1 secretary and 1 treasurer.
  • Visiting members are welcome to observe committee meetings with the approval of the co-chairs. Visiting members will not be allowed to vote on committee issues.

Active members represent a health region or organization that is concerned with maternal child health issues, or are mother-advocates who are invited to become a member and have received approval of the Board of Directors. Members must attend a minimum of 2 meetings per year in order to maintain status as an active member. Active members work towards the goals of the BCS. Membership reviewed annually at year end to ensure provincial representation.

Corresponding members receive all correspondence, can attend meetings upon approval of the chairs, but are not entitled to vote.

Affiliate members of the BCS are interested in furthering the aims of the BCC and apply for acceptance as an Affiliate Member through the approval of the Board of Directors by fulfilling the criteria as determined by the Board of Directors for Affiliate Membership status in the BCS and are not affiliated with the formula or the baby food industry in any way. Affiliates do not have voting privileges on the BCS.

BCS Members by RHA

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